Personalise a processor


HEAROES is an independent, family run business providing skins and accessories for your hearing equipment. We are also working on a range of ‘learning to listen’ resources targeting the ling sounds.

Huge selection of kits to decorate hearing aids or sound processors.  With everything from Minions to Hello Kitty, and made of specifically cut vinyls to fit the device, stickers and PVC charms are everything you need to instantly improve the look of children’s processors!


Offers custom skins for sound processors for:


A Polish manufacturer of accessories for cochlear implants & hearing aids

Tubetastic Pimps

Tubetastic Pimps are soft little clips that fit over the top end of the ear hook of a processor. There are loads of designs e.g. acrylic flower, hulk, Mickey Mouse, etc. Also some handy circular storage pouches for processors and battery storage caddies.

Retention Devices

Hearing Henry

This company designs and makes headbands specifically to keep cochlear implants on babies and toddlers. Although based in Australia the website has links to purchase locally.


This company makes cases for Kanso 1, Kanso 2, Rondo 2, Rondo 3, and the Nucleus 7 (coil only).  The clips for the Kanso 1, Kanso 2, and Rondo 3 cases can be configured in a variety of ways. Please see the website for more information.

Malinka Hairbands

Unique, stylish, individually custom made hearing aid bands that are also compatible with most bone conduction brands.