Anyone interested in paediatric cochlear implantation will enjoy reading this.

Tell it like it is

A compilation of articles provided by families with first-hand experience of the process of cochlear implantation, and of the effects the procedure can have on the lives of their deaf children and indeed, their whole family.

It includes families with both deafened and born deaf children of various ages, with a wide variety of causes of deafness, methods of communication, additional needs, implant devices, unilateral, simultaneous and sequential bilaterals, educational placements and outcomes, as well as those who chose for their child not to be implanted or re-implanted.

The booklet is cross-referenced to enable readers to search for a particular scenario, eg auditory neuropathy, medical conditions, independent school, deaf twins, cued speech, etc.

We hope the booklet will be useful for families considering a cochlear implant for their child, and will also be interesting reading for those whose children already have implants, and indeed for the professionals who work with deaf children.

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A Deaf Child's Journey to Hearing

Published in October 2017 this publication from CICS follows a family which has just discovered their new baby is deaf. Ideal for parents in the same situation but also a lovely book to look at with very young deaf children who have, or will soon have cochlear implants, to read with older siblings and to share with grandparents and other family members.

“For families on the journey of learning that their child is deaf or hard of hearing, various sources of printed and electronic information exist – and THE one I would immediately bring to their attention is “A Deaf Child’s Journey to Hearing: Meet Ruby’s Family?” This completely fair and non-biased read will become the ray of information and hope – told from the perspective of a family whose third child is born deaf and who travel from early hearing testing, to hearing aids, to simultaneous bilateral cochlear implants; always guided by talented speech-language-auditory, medical, and other professionals — but most importantly by OTHER families who have already walked the walk and are gracious in their support. This book truly must be on the bookshelves and recommended book lists of cochlear implant, hearing aid, and speech-language-auditory professionals worldwide!”

Donald M. Goldberg, Ph.D.
Professor, College of Wooster (Ohio, USA)
Consultant, Cleveland Clinic Hearing Implant Program
Past President, The AG Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

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