Independent assessment and management of hearing

Burwood Centre

Provides independent, multi-disciplinary assessments (psychological, audiological, Teacher of the Deaf and speech and language) and reports for deaf children of any age, regardless of their communication mode (spoken or signed language) or other additional difficulties.

Chear – Children’s Hearing, Evaluation and Amplification Resource

An independent organisation that assesses and manages hearing in babies, children and adults. For children, this means working out their potential and helping them to optimise their hearing skills for the life ahead of them. Its founder, Dr. Josephine Marriage, has a wide range of experience in clinical practice, research and teaching.


Maria Cameron, independent Speech and Language Therapist/Teacher of the Deaf, currently completing AVT accredited training works with parents to develop their deaf child’s speech and language through maximising their use of listening. Also has extensive experience of working with children with additional language difficulties, provides assessments for tribunals and will act as an expert witness.