Music and entertainment

Mary Hare Music Therapy

Offers individual and group music sessions to babies and children with a wide range of needs including deafness, deafness with additional needs, physical and developmental disabilities, learning disabilities ASD, sensory impairments, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Music and the Deaf

Runs various music clubs, workshops and signing choirs across the UK along with occasional events for early years. It caters for all ages, types of deafness and communication needs.

Nordoff Robbins

Nordoff Robbins is the largest single music therapy organisation in the UK.  Music-making improves communication skills and helps in many ways including stimulating listening abilities and improving vocal intonation, and helps CI users to musically adjust to their device and participate in musical experience.  Therapists work in Nordoff-Robbins centres and also in partnerships with nurseries and schools.

Subtitling, Stagetext and Signed Theatre

Your Local Cinema

Provides weekly listings of subtitled performances showing at local cinemas


An American site giving a clear guide to closed captioning technology


STAGETEXT is a registered charity which provides captioning and live speech-to-text services in theatres, museums, galleries and other arts and cultural venues.


Professional touring company, creating theatre incorporating Sign Language Arts, accessible for deaf children and their hearing peers. Uses innovative and imaginative visual theatre combining mime, dance, song, Commedia dell Arte, puppets and sign language. Performances around England are listed on their website.